KangerTech K-Box Mod Review

This article is not related to our Restaurant topic, it's just a hobby we found interesting in recent, as we found out vaping is more healthy than smoking so we want to introduce it a bit in our blog. Kangertech released its new mod the Kanger K-Box Mod. It is Kangertech's first Box Mod. All Vapers been waiting for the release of this new mod with an aluminium chassis, a variable wattage and is powered by one 18650 battery. The wattage for this mod is 8-40 watts that can fire down to 0.4ohm. Clearomizers that measure from 20 mm to 25mm in diameter can be accommodated in Kanger K-Box Mod. As we all know Kangertech has been in the industry and has been releasing great product such as this box mod that they have.

As mentioned Kanger K-Box Mod is a variable wattage mod from 8-40 watts but the wattage is preset and there are 7 pre-set wattage output settings available. Unlike other mod, it has no LED screen that you can see the wattage instead it has 7 led lights that you can see that corresponds to each output which are 8,11,20,25,,30,35 and 40 watts. Kbox measure 89mm tall by 40mm wide and the depth range from 20-25mms.

Kanger K-Box mod is loaded with protection features. It has a short circuit protection wherein the power indicator light will be flashing 3 times and it will automatically disable any output if the connector or the coil has a short. It also has the over-time use protection that will also disable any output if the power button is held longer than 10 seconds. Another case that will disable an output is if the coil has less than 0.4 ohms, which means low resistance. A reverse battery protection is also a feature for Kanger K-Box mod. It has an interchangeable battery socket that makes the vapers experience more convenient in using this type of Mod from Kangertech. More Wholesale vaping supply look here HawkVape.com for your vape shop needs.