Kanger Subtank Plus/Subtank V2

Are you experiencing difficulty in choosing clearomizer that will not give you a hard time in vaping? In your mind it would be better is that it would be easy to build or even switch heads. Well, Kanger has the solution for this.

KangerTech has been known in producing high quality clearomizers. And now they have released their latest hybrid subtank, Kanger Subtank Plus. This Subtank V2 is the updated version of their Kanger Subtank. What makes vaper interested with Subtank V2 is the OCC or Organic Cotton Coil that kanger has used for this subtank. The OCC is an authentic Japanese Organic coil that gives an addition flavour and better vaping experience. Kanger Subtank plus also has a new rebuildable atomizer head. In terms of span of life and heating section it is longer and larger, this is an added points to the enthusiasts. More life more vaping experience. For vendors contact this vape wholesale supplier Hawk Vape for more info.

subtank subtank subtank

Most of vaper's problem when it comes to changing heads is that it is messy or it is very hard that you need more effort to do this. But with Kanger Subtank Plus changing heads is so easy that you can change and switch it by just few twists. You can switch it conveniently and can experience making your own coil and you can choose your own wicks anytime you want. Subtank V2 was created with the newest design of airflow system and a durable structure.

There are some cautions that vapers need to consider with Kanger Subtank Plus. Users need to choose a battery that is suitable and will match OCC SUB Ohm coil. If you are not sure of this, ask help from experts. Also, the Organic Cotton Coil or OCC is not capable with other clearomizers. So don't ever consider of using this to other clearomizers.