Aspire CF MAXX for Powerful Variable Wattage Vaping

Aspire has made it again! Aspire never failed to amaze its loyal vapers for creating incredible devices that would give the user the experience and satisfaction they wanted. Aside from the tanks that they just released in the market, they have come up with the new innovative creation in battery. Aspire CF MAXX Battery is the new addition in their line of great products.


What does this Aspire CF MAXX Battery has, compared to other available batteries that you can purchase in vapor wholesale stores? In my own opinion, since they have released their sub ohm tanks, they decided to create a battery that would best fit to the products that they have just launched. CF MAXX battery is meant for high power sub oh vaping, a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3000mAh and a 50 watt maximum output power. It is really a MAXX battery because of the power that it can give.

maxx cf batterybattery cf maxx

CF MAXX is still adjustable from 5W-50W. The structural design which is a tube design and the control circuit that the MAXX has is what makes it reliable, stable and very easy to use. To adjust the wattage, you just have to rotate the bottom dial clockwise or counter clockwise. The control circuit that CF MAXX has is what makes the user at ease in using the battery. When the battery is over charge the built in microchip of the battery will automatically stop the charging. You are sure that that battery will be protected from damage. Over discharge is also detected and will remain off if this happens. Short circuit, high temperature, and a ten second function are also provided.

With the features especially the protection functions that Aspire CF MAXX battery possesses, I can say that Aspire is not just focusing on what they can earn from the devices they created but also they are also protecting their consumers. Well, even you will spend more with CF MAXX battery, rest assured that you will feel safe while using the Aspire's CF MAXX battery.